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Dear Family and Friends...

With joyous hearts we invite you to share our weekend of "marry"-ment in Las Vegas.

Location: TBD

Reception: The Wicked Spoon - Cosmopolitan Hotel (Of course, we would identify the food venue first!)

Since we both love Disney and the reception is being held at the Wicked Spoon, we have decided to go with a Maleficent/Sleeping Beauty themed wedding. Please feel free to dress creatively and comfortably. 

We all tend to have our favorite hotel we like to stay in while in Las Vegas so we did not arrange for a block of rooms at any particular location. However, if you would like us recommend a hotel or have us checking our travel agent booking engine for a discounted rate let us know. We would be happy to do so.

The very best present we can receive is your presence at our wedding and your love and support as we embark on this adventure together. 

We recognize that especially for those of you coming from far away, simply attending our wedding will already entail spending money on travel and hotel accommodations.  Please do not feel obligated to purchase a gift.

For the gift givers among you, homemade or handmade gifts are welcome and we have also created a honeymoon registery on this site as well.