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Michael and I met at a local bar through a mutual friend. I had been dancing the night away and he had, unbeknownst to me, been watching me make a complete fool of myself. He was shy and I was loud and I never imagined for a second that he would be the man I grew old with. Michael had different plans for us and sneakingly used my cell phone to call his own in order to have my number. Surprisingly to me I recieved a call from him the next afternoon and shortly after that call I found myself enjoying a movie in his company. I first noticed his blue eyes which I refer to as his "concrete" eyes. For several weeks we played the role of friends even though we both wanted more. On Valentines day he finally asked to take me on a real date. I knew this would be something special when he insisted that Alizae come along as well. We all enjoyed a great dinner overlooking the river. We found ourselves spending every chance we could together. Michael knows me well enough to know that I am very hard to surprise. So he decided he would just carry the ring around with him and make no plans and just ask when a moment arrived. That moment arrived and Michael got down on one knee in the doctors office and asked me to marry him in front of a room of strangers. Michael, Alizae and I have never been happier and we cannot wait to share our lives together as a family.

The attendants are as follows:

Matron of Honor- Tabatha Toomey has been my best friend since middle school

Maid of Honor- Maricka Upton my sister

Bridesmaids- Stefanie Upton my sister in law, Delilah Yocum Michael's sister in law, Misty Powell my cousin, Candice Sloan one of my good friends for many years

Best Man- Jeremy Yocum Michaels brother, Steven Michael's brother, Ricky Upton my brother, Derick Upton my brother, Shawn Yocum Michael's cousin, Josh Yocum Michael's cousin

Flower girl will be Jazzmyne Braid

Ring Bearer will be Ricky Upton, JR

Miniture Bride will be Alizae Claxton

Miniture Groom will be Nick Yocum

Braxton and Brooklynn Upton, Peyton Upton, and Kayla Yocum will be in the wedding as well

The wedding will be held in our church at Lincoln Hills Christian and the reception location is undetermined at this time