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Marcia Young & Antwon Maxwell
Location: Gainesville, VA
TYPE OVER THIS TEXT to tell your family and friends your story - let everyone know how you met, a story about your engagement, what you have in common, what you love about each other - tell them about your time together so far and any future plans you may have.
TYPE OVER THIS TEXT to keep your guests informed about the wedding details - the location of the ceremony, the time you would like them to be there, the attire, and directions to the wedding site. If you are having a destination wedding, tell them as many details as you can, such as what beach you'll be married on or why you chose that destination for the wedding.
TYPE OVER THIS TEXT to keep your guests informed on the time, location, attire, menu, entertainment, directions, any special parking requirements or shuttle information for the reception.
TYPE OVER THIS TEXT to include a personal message to your guests. Let them know how excited you are that they are sharing this special day with you!