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Darnisha Yates & Ali Muhammad
Location: Marshall Canyon Golf Course
Our story is simple.... love at first sight. Well, sort of. ..... According to Ali he all ready knew that he had found his bride. I on the other hand, had no clue that the man that I met at the bus stop on my way to work, would be the love of my life. After several attempts( you know that women have to play hard to get) I finally gave him my phone number. And since that day, we have never missed a day of talking to each other!! It's like a fairytale: We met in April, he proposed to me in April(obviously said yes) and now,... we are engaging in marriage in April. We have found a piece of ourselves in eachother. We are proud to have such support from all of our family and friends to share this special day.
Our wedding will take place on the beautiful golf course of Marshall Canyon. This green blanket of beauty will greet us and our on this special day! The theme we hav chosen is "Asian Theme". We love the simplicity of the culture: the bamboo plant, butterflies for good luck, orchids, and let's not forget the tasty Asian cruisine. We are excited to share this vision with everyone to enjoy!
The reception to follow will be held in the home of Auntie Marlene & Uncle Wali's house. Their beatiful 3 strory house, which is beautifully decorated, will seat 100 guest in the back yard to enjoy, Asian Food, decorations, and live entertainment & dancing!
The Bride & Groom will proceed to the family "desert house" located in Palm Dessert, California. We look forward to relaxing with wine, Italian food, and relaxing, relaxing, relaxing..... :)
We are excited to have everyone to share in this special day!! See you soon