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Monique Ivanov & Matthew Yost

Our Wedding

September 25, 2009
Our wedding ceremony starts at 6:30pm by the beautiful Reflecting Pool at Winterthur Estate in Winterthur, Delaware. Please plan to arrive around 6pm to be shuttled from the main parking area to the ceremony location. The wedding shuttle will be coming by regularly to pick up guests.

Our Reception

Our reception will begin shortly after 8pm at the Visitor Center once guests have been shuttled there from the Reflecting Pool.

Travel Arrangements

Directions to Winterthur Estate have been enclosed with our wedding invitations, however, do not hesitate to contact either of us for further details.
Hotel rooms have been reserved under the "Ivanov/Yost" wedding at Hotel duPont (where we are staying) and Sheraton Suites Wilmington. Please book your room as soon as possible because it is race weekend (NASCAR) and rooms are filling up quickly. The hotels are a few blocks from each other and are located in the city. The distance to Winterthur from the hotels is about a 10-15min drive.

A Special Message From Us

Please check in to our wedding website periodically for more details/updates on our wedding day. We would like to thank our families and wedding party for helping make this all possible and playing an important role in our lives. Thank you so much and we are looking forward to spending this very special day with all of you, our family and friends!!

Lots of love,
Monique & Matthew